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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Dress!

Finding your dress is easily one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding! It's the part you daydream about as a little girl, the part you guiltily watch on TV shows while nibbling on Girl Scout cookies. But when the dreams turn into a real-life wedding dress search, there are a lot of aspects to consider! That's why we’re here to help! Today we’re reviewing the major components to consider when picking out your wedding gown.

Budget This one might seem like a no brainer, but many brides have a hard time staying in their budget because they dive into the excitement of dress shopping before they get real about what they are able to spend. Determine how much you want to spend BEFORE you go to look at dresses and tell the salesperson immediately -- before trying anything on! Falling in a love with a dress you can’t afford is the ultimate heartbreak! If you order online be sure it will arrive with PLENTY of time to have it altered or returned if it's not exactly what you hoped for. Some brides purchase 2 gowns, one for the ceremony and one for the reception so you may need 2 budgets!

Dress Code You’re the bride and you make the rules -- be sure to adhere to them, yourself! It's important to follow the dress code of your wedding; the last thing you want is to look out of place on your own big day! Planning your dress around the venue is an ideal. If you’re having a destination beach wedding, a ball gown & stilettos might look a little inappropriate. And if you're having a formal white tie affair, a breezy boho dress would be a bit of a mismatch. Choose a style of gown that suits your particular wedding. Consider your photos too. If your venue is filled with lots of glitz and glam your gown should be too or you may feel a bit underdressed. If you are choosing an intimate beach wedding you may choose a simple flowy design or even a sundress. It's YOUR day so ultimately the choice is up to you!

Body Shape Your body shape is a major factor in choosing the right dress. There are plenty of style guides online that explain which styles look best on different body types, so it might be helpful to check those out before you venture into your bridal appointments But what YOU love on yourself will always trump others' opinions! Try to do some research to find which styles and designers you like for your body type before booking an appointment. You don’t want to waste any time at stores that don’t carry what you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to call ahead and request certain gowns! If you are self conscience of your army you may want a wrap to go with that strapless design or a sleeve. Again, remember you will be photographed ALL day so you want something you feel complements you and you won't be left feeling like you need to stand a certain way to "hide" flaws you are concerned about. Also consider if you can sit in your dress....many can not and spend the entire day on their feet! Ouch......

Hidden Costs Many brides tend to forget the hidden costs involved with wedding dress shopping. Your wedding day ensemble doesn’t end at the white dress! Your shoes and veil will probably tack on a few hundred dollars -- yes, a piece of tulle CAN cost $400+! You should also consider the costs of accessories -- from undergarments to jewelry. The last hidden cost would be alterations. There’s no way around this expense; alterations are a necessity if you want your dress to fit correctly! These extra costs could have an impact on which dresses fit into your budget, so be sure to keep them in mind! Most gowns cost an average of $600 to add a bustle alone so be sure to ask about all these additional items. (or order a large beaded pin from Amazon to make your own on the big works!)

Comfort In the excitement of trying on dresses, many brides forget they will have to walk, sit, and dance in their wedding dresses (shocking, right?!). The style and appearance of your dress are obviously important, but being able to move is also pretty crucial! So make sure you practice sitting and moving while you’re trying on dresses! Be sure to purchase and TRY ON your undergarments when you go for your final fitting or even when trying on gowns. They make ALL the difference in fit and wearability! If a strap shows during a fitting it will show on the big day! You aren't a statue you will MOVE a lot on the big day so do a shimmy and shake when trying them on to see how wearable it is. :)

We've heard so many bride say that finding their dress was the moment that their wedding began to feel real to them … the moment they felt like a true bride. We hope that this post helps as you begin your search for the dress that's right for you -- the one that makes you feel beautiful and confident on your wedding day! YOUR perfect gown is out there just waiting for your big day and we hope this helps you find it!

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