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5 Wedding Shoe Mistakes to Avoid.

It’s amazing how difficult it can be to find the perfect bridal shoes to carry you down the aisle, that it might seem like a good idea to just pick a pair without giving it a lot of thought. After all, no one will even see your shoes under your wedding dress, right? But take it from someone whose biggest wedding day regret is buying the wrong shoes, there is so much more to finding the right shoes for your big day than finding the exact shade of white to match your dress!

“Picking your shoes should go beyond just matching them to your wedding dress. When looking for that perfect pair, you want to really think about what you’re going to be doing on your wedding day, and how much of it you will be spending on your feet. To help you through the process of finding the right shoes, we’ve composed a list of the top mistakes to avoid…..

1. Choosing Shoes that Are NOT Comfortable

As a bride, your wedding day is going to be anything but a day of leisure. You’re likely going to spend most of the day on your feet, so one mistake to avoid when choosing your wedding shoes is buying a pair that is not comfortable. You want to make sure that whatever shoes you buy, you are confident you can enjoy (not endure) a long day of walking, standing, greeting relatives, and dancing with your new life partner in them. If you’re not used to wearing high heels, then try a pair of beautiful ballet flats or even bridal tennis shoes! Some brides choose custom Converse, Bridal Vans or even white glitter Hey Dudes or stylish flip flops! It's RARE that anyone actually sees a brides shoes so wear what YOU want and have those photo worthy shoes ready for portraits only if you choose.

But if your dream is to wear a pair of heels with your dress, then your best bet would be to choose a height you’re used to wearing. Or if you never wear heels, choose something smaller – no one wants to see the bride hobble, or worse still trip her way down the aisle! Wearing a shoe with a lower heel is a smart way to go comfortable while still looking fabulous. The 2 ½ inch heels are perfect for those brides who want to wear a heel without having to worry about sore feet at the end of the day. Just always remember that comfort is the key to picking the perfect wedding shoes!

2. NOT Breaking Your Wedding Shoes In

Like any other shoe in your collection, your wedding shoe should be broken in before being worn on the big day. While, the thought of getting a spot on their pristine, white satin might give you nightmares, you will most likely regret keeping them in their box until the minute before you’re standing at the altar if you don’t break them in. You don’t have to wear them on every outing before the wedding, but it won’t hurt to slip them on every so often. One of the best ways to break in your shoes without damaging them is to wear them around the house or at the office. Walking in your wedding shoes regularly, for these short periods of time, will help ensure they are at their most comfortable when it’s time to show them off.

3. FORGETTING to Pack a Spare Pair

It definitely won’t be practical to wear high heels while you’re getting glammed up, so a comfy pair of slippers might be the best choice pre-wedding ceremony. Then you can change into a glamorous pair of high heels for the ceremony to bring out the inner princess in you – besides, it’s always an added bonus to be an extra couple of inches taller for that picture perfect first kiss.

Wearing high heels the entire evening isn’t going to work out for everyone, bride, bridesmaids or guests; and walking around barefoot might not be an option depending on the location of your reception. So when buying a basket of flip flops for your guests don’t forget what you’re going to wear on the dance floor. Be sure to throw a lovely and comfortable pair of bridal sandals into your bridal bag, for when you’re ready to trip the light fantastic.

4. NOT Matching Your Shoes to Your Dress

If you’re wearing a floor length gown, you might think that matching your shoes to your dress isn’t a big deal. And you will definitely want to have picked your footwear before your dress fitting! Because your wedding shoes will determine your height on the day; so, if you’re planning to rock a pair of six-inch heels, then you need to ensure the dress is still going to reach the floor. And if you’re going barefoot, then you want to make sure your feet will be covered, so they don’t end up the focus of your outfit. You can always do photos of those ultra high heels and actually wear flats...nobody knows but you! You can hold the fancy heel if you play the shoes game too and even slip them on for a few photos!

5. Forgetting to Include Your Shoes in Your Budget

Forgetting to account for your shoes in your big day’s budget is a huge mistake to avoid! The perfect pair of wedding shoes (that are both stylish and comfortable) can be expensive, and it could be a huge blow to buy them without considering how the cost could affect your other plans for your wedding.

Picking the right shoes for your wedding is one of the most vital parts of bridal preparation. Your wedding shoes should showcase your style while staying comfy enough to enjoy every moment, from getting ready, to taking that first step down the aisle and dancing the night away! So before choosing your footwear for your big day have a good read of the above. Choose a pair or two that are exactly YOUR style and something you will LOVE the entire day or have your back up pair ready to go. :)

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