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All about Micro-Weddings on AMI!

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Micro Weddings have been a trend for years now, but for pretty much every engaged couple in the world, if you want to tie the knot anytime soon, you don’t have much of a choice beyond a micro wedding! They’re a really exciting and unique option for any couple wanting to have a smaller affair on their big day. Whether you’ve known you wanted to have an intimate ceremony for years or on a tight budget, let’s cover everything you need to know about micro weddings on AMI! The Basics: Licensing and Permits are at the bottom of this blog too!

So first of all, a micro wedding is generally considered to be a wedding with twenty guests or less. The context of the wedding doesn’t really matter; a destination wedding, a backyard ceremony or a family-only event, if the guest list is below twenty, it’s micro. Now, for many brides that sentence right there is where the line is drawn in the sand when it comes to mini ceremonies. If having twenty guests at your wedding sounds as impossible as building a rocket ship in your back yard, then a micro wedding probably isn’t for you. But if the thought of twenty guests (or less) sounds doable, or even preferable to you, then a micro wedding is a totally viable option for you!

If you are choosing to go the micro-route, some elements will be exactly the same no matter what size the guest list is and some things will be totally different. So let’s take a look at some elements that shouldn’t be overlooked for your micro wedding. We also offer NOTARY services so we can marry you too!

Call now: 941-253-6545

Your must haves!

  1. A Dress You Absolutely Adore Whether you’re having two or two hundred guests, the need for a magical wedding dress does not go away! Why? Because the dress isn’t for your guests, it’s for you and your spouse-to-be! If you weren’t having any guests, I’d still advise you to find and wear and dress that you absolutely adore. Regardless of what your wedding looks like, a dress is the ultimate wedding staple and something that shouldn’t be compromised on just because your wedding is going to be smaller than average.

2. Your Venue

Similar to the dress, a small wedding is no reason to cancel any sort of dream venue you have in mind. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a bride say “Well we love *insert venue here* but we’re only having about twenty people so it’s just going to be at my parent’s house” What?!?! If anything, having a micro wedding is the perfect reason to go for your dream venue. A lot of venues charge per-person so a guest list of twenty people in a high-end venue might not cost as much as you think. Couples seem to have a hard time justifying booking a nice venue when their guest list is so small, but like your dress, the venue you get married at is meant to be for you and your fiance. Don’t compromise on a venue if you decide to go for a micro-wedding. There are LOTS of amazing rentals right on AMI that are perfect for the entire family to come for a beachside wedding or even right there on site! Many are large enough to do your ceremony and reception all in one place! We also partner with to offer amazing beach receptions for 2-10 guests if you are looking for a more intimate Florida feel! 3. Your Photographer This is another thing that I see so often and don’t understand; when brides are having a micro wedding and use that as a reason to skip on a professional photographer altogether. That makes no sense to me! Do you want your wedding to be captured for you and your spouse to enjoy twenty years down the road? Of course you do! So why, just because you’re having fewer guests than the average wedding, would you not find the best photographer you can? In reality, by having a smaller wedding, you’re probably able to afford more photographer than you think! Just because your wedding is small doesn’t mean you’re going to want to relive it over and over again as the years go by. Something Blue Wedding Photography is your GO TO for amazing elopement and micro-wedding photography!

They are licensed, insured and AMI Chamber members! You can call them now: 941-253-6545

4. Your Bouquet

When you’re walking down the aisle, whether it’s in front of six family members, or 150 co-workers and distant relatives, that moment should be as special and once-in-a-lifetime as possible. A large part of your down-the-aisle look is your bouquet. Your bouquet is a beautiful way to represent your personality and ties your entire bridal look together. They’re something that should definitely not be overlooked! Believe it or not some of the MOST beautiful bouquets I have ever seen come from Sam's Club! You can also DIY your bouquet or order online from Amazon or Etsy!

5. Professional Hair and makeup

You want to look your very best on your big day! You have waited your whole life for this one special person! Your photos should be flawless and having an amazing hair and makeup artist can help accomplish that! We recommend Florida Beauty and Bridal for ANY look you desire! They are MEASTERS of listening to you and giving you the exact look YOU want! Glam, natural, fresh face, they have you covered!

6. YOUR CAKE!!!!

Edible Elegance by Eli is the ONLY baker in town you need to contact for this! She can do a traditional one or 2 tire cake or even cupcakes if that's more you! She has a TON of amazing flavors and will decorate any style you want!

Permits and Marriage License:

Contact the Manatee County, Florida Clerk of the Circuit Court at 941-741-4020 for information about your marriage license. You and your betrothed must appear in person at the Clerk of Court in downtown Bradenton to obtain the license. You may apply for a marriage license by mail, which means the couple does not have to appear in person and will have the license sent to them in advance. This is an excellent option for couples who would rather be spending time on the beach instead of at the local Clerk of Court office! Your license is good for 30 days and recognized by all states.

Contact the City Hall in the city you plan to be married in and inquire about any necessary permits you may need. Anna Maria Island has three cities with similar but slightly different permitting requirements for signage, structures on the beach, bands, etc. City of Bradenton Beach – 941-778-1005, City of Holmes Beach – 941-708-5800, City of Anna Maria – 941-708-6130.

Make sure that if you are planning an outside wedding there is an alternate inside or under-cover location. We know that you would rather the weather be absolutely beautiful and we hope it is, but make sure there is a “just in case” back up. (It is good luck for it to rain on your wedding day – so if that happens, you can still have a perfect day.)

Make sure weddings are permitted at your vacation or beach rental if you are considering this avenue as a wedding/reception venue. Be sure to abide by vacation rental agreements, paying particular attention to occupancy, parking and noise restrictions. Discuss your plans with the property owner or manager. Remember, Anna Maria Island is a mixed-use residential area that has full-time residents living in harmony with visitors.

Work with local vendors who know the rules and regulations of Anna Maria Island. Many planners and wedding businesses are from other cities and do not keep up to date on local governance.

Consider a local wedding planner. Planning a traditional wedding can be stressful, but arranging a destination wedding requires professionals who know AMI intimately. We recommend Michelle with Precious Moments Events.

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